IT Business Analysts & E-Trading Specialists

ETS-I provides IT Consultancy for the Investment Banking Sector. Our focus is on blending technology expertise with in-depth knowledge and understanding of today's complex financial instruments, trading operations and processes.

In the world's major financial centers, a reasonable supply of highly skilled Information Technology consultants exists. Similarly, highly skilled Financial Business Analysts offer their services to financial institutions, and these analysts will liaise with technologists during the lifecycle of a software development project.

There is an obvious gap created by the Technology/Business separation due to the intrinsic (and traditional!) antagonism between the two "camps" when the lines of separation become too gray. Information Technologists vs. Business Analysts.

Our primary aim in the projects we undertake is to smooth out and bridge the separation between Technical and Business people with the objective to clearly and concretely define the business requirements so we can then proceed to the implementation stage by adopting the most appropriate technologies. We achieve this by using our in-depth understanding of Investment Banking products and environments together with our proficient technical skills and expertise.